Digital and Print Publishing

Holtz & Wankel Publishing emphasizes the importance of catering to the entire target population of your publication. H&W offers consumers both print and electronic media options. Though the world of digital media is rapidly expanding, for some a good old-fashioned book is still top dog.

If you are an aspiring author/artist or have even already been published, contact one of our representatives at H&W Publishing to find out how our personalized service can provide you with the materials you need to excel. If you provide the material, we will back you and provide the voice needed to reach the masses.



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New Content Wanted!

H&W publishing offers a wide variety of options for those looking to publish their media online, including personalized webpage design to successfully market your product, free promotion via our main website and customizable check-out process for those interested in purchasing your content, all leading to more time to focus on your own future endeavors! Please contact one of our representatives at H&W Publishing to find out options and pricing!


Coming Soon!

Here at H&W Publishing, we are proud to announce the upcoming release of several publications, including an informative piece on the process of grieving, a PowerPoint presentation and supplemental material on effective communication as well as a self-help informational workbook emphasizing improving one’s own mental health. All will be available for purchase via this website or the author’s page. More information to come!


Welcome to Holtz & Wankel Publishing! We strive to bring you the very best content possible and will be featuring a wide array of downloadable digital content and printed materials covering a vast array of exciting areas! At H&W Publishing, quality is always put over quantity, ensuring you will receive what you pay for. In addition, we take customer service very seriously, therefore we highly encourage feedback and suggestions.

If you are a quality writer, composer, artist, or anyone else who is looking to become published, we offer a wide variety options. H&W Publishing aims to help publish, edit, and promote your print and digital media to the largest audience possible. We offer web design options to create an author page to list your own works with a customized checkout process. All inquiries can be sent to one of our representatives at H&W Publishing.